Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

The Closet Cleanout
Spring is here, and what better way to welcome it than with a little bit of cleaning? And by a little bit I actually mean a major closet overhaul. I’ll be the first to admit that I am guilty of being a clothing hoarder – big time….

Overcoming the Quarter Life Crisis

The Quarter Life Crisis and the Pressures of Young Adulthood
Life. You grow up, go off to college, get a career, meet the love of your life, get married, buy a house, then have kids, and all of these things should be obtained by the ripe age of 30. So…

The JUNO Experience

This past weekend I attended the JUNO Awards as one of their official bloggers. It was such an honour to attend the awards and experience the action first hand. I’ve grown up watching award shows and drooling over the styling, and the glitz and glam of it all. The JUNOS…

The Juno Awards 2017

I am beyond excited to be attending the Junos this year in Ottawa. Number 1, because it’s in Ottawa, and number 2, because it’s such an iconic Canadian event. Every year the Junos recognize and showcase amazing Canadian artists for their talents and hard work.

This year I am so…

The Eyewear Edit

As you could probably already tell, I am a huge fan of glasses. They are such a simple, classic accessory that really changes your entire look. It’s amazing how many different styles there are out there today, so the opportunity to find the perfect pair is endless.

With so many…

Ponytail Hacks

A ponytail is such a simple, classic hairstyle. It’s definitely a go-to for many of us; especially during that morning rush. We all know the feeling of wanting to style our hair everyday, but not having the time or energy.

Well here are 3 ways to add style and enhance your ponytail…

Weekend Outfit Diary

Casual Weekend Outfits
I find going away for a weekend it can be tough to look stylish. You really don’t want to stuff your suitcase full with a million things just to unpack it again a few days later.

Recently I went away for a long weekend, and I wanted to…

5 Things to do in Montreal

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada, and a favourite of mine. It’s always exciting to visit and there’s so much to do and see. Here are five things worth doing in the city:
1. Eat a Smoked Meat Sandwich

Schwartz is hands down the most famous restaurant to go and get…

Blogging with Brittany


How/why did you get into blogging?
To be honest I’m really not sure why I started but I know that I let fear hold me back for years. I was fearful of what other people would think if I put myself out there like that. Blogging…

No Bake Energy Bites

This is a quick and easy recipe is for energy bites. These little balls of tastiness are super easy to make and only require a few ingredients. This is a no-bake recipe, which makes it easier if you’re in a rush. All you need is:

1-cup of old-fashioned (dry) oats