Diana Chamomile

Inspired Style: Diana Chamomile
Fashion is one of those things where the inspiration is endless. I love scrolling through Pinterest, and Instagram to get ideas and see other people’s creativity with fashion. I wanted to start featuring people who really embrace their own personal style, and who I’ve been inspired…

Best Brunch in Ottawa

Sundays were made for brunch! Kyle and I generally love to go out Sunday mornings for some good eats, and we have tried so many different spots. It’s definitely one of my favourite meals because it’s the best of both worlds: lunch, and breakfast. Most restaurants have different specialties that…

How I Ended Up With a Career in Marketing

Figuring out what career direction you want to take in life is not an easy task. As it turned out my path was definitely not a straight one, so here’s my story and how I ended up with a career in marketing.
The Early Years
Growing up I was always that kid…

Styling Athleisure Like a Pro

3 Tips for Styling Athleisure Like a Pro
The Athleisure trend has taken over by storm, and I am not complaining! This is definitely one trend that I can get fully behind and have some fun with. My whole philosophy on personal style is to be comfortable in what you’re wearing because comfort…

Heatless Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Heatless Hairstyles for Fine Hair
Summer is quickly approaching so there’s no better time to experiment with some heatless hairstyles than now! We all know that heat is insanely damaging on our locks, so let’s ditch the hot tools for a bit and try out some amazing alternatives. I have…

How to Kick a Rut

How to Kick a Rut
We all go through ups and downs in life, and times when we’re feeling extremely unmotivated. Over the past few months I was in such a big rut and I was letting my wellness slip. In the past I was really big into leading a…

Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

The Closet Cleanout
Spring is here, and what better way to welcome it than with a little bit of cleaning? And by a little bit I actually mean a major closet overhaul. I’ll be the first to admit that I am guilty of being a clothing hoarder – big time….

Overcoming the Quarter Life Crisis

The Quarter Life Crisis and the Pressures of Young Adulthood
Life. You grow up, go off to college, get a career, meet the love of your life, get married, buy a house, then have kids, and all of these things should be obtained by the ripe age of 30. So…